Sunday, 25 October 2009

Creating The Never Before! : Tokyo Motor Show 2009

I thought it might be a disappointment considering the announcement of the pulling out of all of the foreign car companies due to the recession, but in hindsight it's clear that a lot of people didn't come here to see the cars. Most of us came here for the perfect accessory for a nice car.. some very sweet looking Japanese girls!

Some of us were here to actually take photos of cars. Not me, maybe these other guys.. Joking, there was another girl on the other side.
I took many, many more photos, something like 300 or so. I could put them up but I guess I'm just going to save them for me and my hand. Just to show that it wasn't all perve, I did take a few pics of cars too.

In Japan they call the Nissan Z car, the "Fairlady Z". Somehow I don't see that being as popular back home with that moniker. Next to that is the hot hatch, the Golf GTi.

There were quite a few cool concepts there too.

Honda put on an impressive show, where they brought out their star robot, Asimo. I really digged their "Segway" people mover, the U3-X and a N600 lookalike (that kind of reminds me of the Fiat 500 too), the EV-N.

Creating the Never Before!

I really had a better time than I expected. We arrived at 1.30pm and left 5 hours later! After that she wanted to go to Ikea (yes, they do have them here as well), not far away in Minami Funabashi. I can't say I was too excited going to a homeware store, more like tired out. Every seat or bed I just wanted to crash into.

We were feeling quite hungry so we decided to go into Shinjuku for a little something different.

At the moment Burger King (aka. Hungry Jacks) is doing a Windows 7 Whopper burger to commemorate the release of Windows 7. In this burger there are 7 beef patties!

We thought, "Wouldn't it be funny to buy one of these?". In one word, NO. On the poster it says 777 yen, but that is only for the first 30 customers. I paid 1,450 yen!

Another look of horror crossed my face when I saw how big the damn thing was. They would close in the next 15 minutes. Cut in half, we managed to scoff it down in ten. I looked at it as if it was a yakiniku meal in a tower between two soggy buns.

I'm thinking that the only people that would buy this would be other foreign English teachers. My feelings were confirmed when I found out at least two others took the plunge as well about the same time.

If you're in Tokyo you'd better hurry up. It's only till Wed 28th. I guess it's a good introduction to my first Burger King burger in Japan. I won't forget it, or the aftertaste in a hurry.


Unknown said...

azimo ???

Jimmy In Japan said...

Yes, Asimo is Honda's robot. They bring it out every motor show including the 2013 one.