Monday, 19 October 2009

The Gretsch And Gibson

It's been four weeks break from the kindergarten classes. I woke up at the usual 630am to get to Tama Center on time. Although a little "jet lagged" from the change in schedule, I was really psyched to go hit it up with the kids. I had "This Old Man" all prepared with actions and everything!

I arrived just before my official start time to be told some kids had the flu, so they decided to cancel class. They called HQ half hour earlier which even if they got someone on the phone, I would be well on my way there anyway. Next time they'll contact me directly if this happens again. It's a long way out there and this morning it was moving a particularly slow crawl at Shinjuku Station.

Anyway, enough about that, let's talk about.. guitars! Ne!!

Uh huh.. Just like you can't have too many Japanese girlfriends, I've realized the same thing with guitars.

Today I tried a very nice Gretsch G7594 White Falcon II. It was quite pricey at 199,500 yen, but damn it was beautiful. See for yourself. My head says NO, but my heart says yes :( I didn't buy it.

I played an interesting Gibson Les Paul Supreme at Shimamura Music. It looked pretty good.

From memory it was about 231,000 yen. Yep, that's getting up there too, but I didn't mind this one either, but it's easier to resist.

I played my Tele again tonight. It still sounds sweet. No regrets there.

While I managed to sell my clarinet and camera, the two guitars I put for sale on eBay didn't get bid on, so I'll have to look at relisting those sometime.

Gotta make room!