Saturday, 10 October 2009

Splatter Caster

Only a day has passed, and I already got the urge to get another guitar!

I didn't go for that paisley Strat I reserved. No, this was a "Splattercaster", a 2003 limited edition mexican Strat that was priced pretty reasonably, and looked reminiscent of the swirled Ibanez Jems. It was in great condition.

I played the guitar before work, and it didn't sound too bad either. Being single coils, it did have a bit of noise heavily overdriven, but the tone was better than I expected. Still with residual guilt from buying the last one, I relented but there's a part of me saying I should've got it.

It looks better in person, than in pictures. I found a good demo on youtube that shows what it sounds like. Deep breaths.. in.. out.