Thursday, 29 October 2009

A Game & Watch With Spinach

I've gotten pretty tired dressing up as Spiderman for Halloween week at work.

For the last 2 days I was wearing it for every lesson. I asked the students if it made them feel uncomfortable, I could take off the mask. Being good sports, they let me do the lesson "in character".

I was the only one who had a full body costume so at first for a while I felt like the only one at a party dressed up, but I loosened up and got asked for photos with other students, even the other teacher's kids!

I was drinking alone Thursday night. I didn't mind. Instead of the usual place, I made my drinking spot just outside More's. In this area I could log onto the internet on my iPhone to accompany each slurp of my chu-hi. I had my Spidey shirt under my normal shirt to keep warm too. It's been getting quite cold recently.

Maybe Saturday I'll go to work on the trains in my costume. It'll be Halloween. What's the worst that could happen, right?

Today I almost stayed in, but I thought it was Ochanomizu/Akihabara time once more.

I left the apartment about 2.20pm. I should be banned from guitar shops. Every time I go I'm tempted for another purchase. I first tried the same Edwards Les Paul from ages ago. These guitars are growing on me. They're really well made, but just shy of the real Gibson sound. Much cheaper though. This was 48,000 yen.

Just to do another comparison I tried a very nice Gibson 50s Les Paul Standard Limited Edition that was blue with white pickup rings and binding at Guitar Planet. Not mint condition, but this one sounded real nice and toneful. Shame about the 158,000 yen sticker price. The ebony fingerboard felt great too. WANT.

The first picture is not the actual one I played. You can see the real one here. I don't like how some of these guitar stores take their pictures. They don't really do them justice being so dark, and the quality looks like a cell phone camera.

Finally I made my way into Akihabara. I took my camera to take some maid pics and other sights. A maid politely didn't want her picture taken. They usually don't. It's a public area and I'm not taking anything indecent, so I don't see why I shouldn't. They didn't come out so great though. Too dark and blurry. Damn.

I found a few Game & Watch games really cheap at Trader. I bought Popeye for 1,680 yen! It was mostly clean, a few LCD marks but as you can see, the LCDs are still strong. While there are some sims available that I've mentioned before, playing on the real thing feels so different. The shop assistant threw in the batteries too which was nice.

They had quite a few others but I have good enough copies on my Nintendo DS. It won't replace my DS, but it's cool to have an old school original. I like the ol' school.