Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Radio Gaga

This post is mostly a mental note for me, 'cause I posted off my cashback for my D5000 today. It'll be 5,000 yen minus the 120 yen postal fee. Come to daddy..

Going to Nikko Sunday, I took both the GH1 and D5000. I drove the Nikon, and she did the Panasonic. Other than her shakey trigger finger, the best photos were great from both cameras.

From the short time I've had both cameras I can summarise that the Panasonic feels like a video camera that does photos on the side, and the Nikon is the camera which does video on the side. If I had to sell one, it'd be a difficult decision for sure.

On a plus note, I've got a first bid on my old camera, so that one's in the bag. I'm still waiting on bids for the other stuff but I've had a good number of views and quite a few people marking my stuff to watch. I'm crossin' my fingers for a good outcome.

Instead of listening to the usual tunes on my iPod, I've been connecting my radio remote and listening to a few Japanese radio stations. At the moment my favourite is InterFM (76.1 Mhz). They play a lot of western music and the DJs speak in both English and Japanese.

Next in line is J-Wave (81.3 Mhz). It's another western-influenced station but it's mostly spoken in Japanese. I've not been able to find any webstreams on either station to listen via the internet which is a shame.

Unfortunately the radio remote doesn't work with the iPhone which REALLY sucks, but there are free apps that allow me to listen to my radio stations back home in Brisbane which is fantastic!

First is F-Stream which I can manually add stations to my liking. I found most of the webstreaming links from here, although be aware that some of the links may be out of date.

Another great free app is from Nova. You can only listen to the dmg radio stations around Australia, but the added bonus of this app is the display of the song that's playing and the artist, which is very useful when I hear a song I like! Nice to hear that Australian English to remind me of home.

If I'm at home on my Mac you can also play these streams in iTunes or VLC which is pretty cool too. Now I won't feel like I've been on another planet (which of course I am).