Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Twenty Twelve

It's not long since I went last to the cinema, but I really wanted to see 2012 on the big screen.

I spoke briefly about discount movie theater tickets in Japan, but I didn't really give much detail. The normal adult price is 1,800 yen for an adult. If you go between 3.30 and 6PM on a WEEKDAY it's 1,200 yen. On the first of the month it's 1,000 yen!

Again we went to Wald9 in Shinjuku. The only problem was that the only session that we could both make was at 11.50PM! It wasn't an ideal time, but I'm up late most nights so it wasn't a big deal. I was quite surprised how many people that showed up. I'm sure they all lived relatively close by, because no trains are running when it finished.

From watching the trailers, I think the movie is a "must see" on the big screen. The images and sound really warrant it. The storyline was pretty good. The gf thought it was really funny. Yes, an apocalyptic end of the world movie is hilarious. Some parts were a bit over the top, but that's Hollywood for you.

Just like Mt Fuji, it's wise to go once, fool to see it again. That's my verdict.