Friday, 23 May 2008

Everything Is Blue In This World

Today had enough sun to warrant a road test of my new sunglasses.

Surprisingly I wasn't going cross-eyed with eyestrain with these babies.

So, my initial verdict is that these will do nicely. Everything is a cool shade of blue. The only thing that I'd say would improve the experience is maybe a cap to protect the rest of my face from the sun's harmful rays.

Kawasaki Today.

As usual, after work the footpath to the station had quite a few buskers. I think every second child in Japan must play a guitar, AND have the obligatory Crate or Roland busker's amp. The sad thing is none of the observers shell out any golden lucre for good performances.

What's the point? For the love of music? For the "chicks"??

Maybe. At least the second part possibly.