Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Tired Eyes

I've been shooting off emails to Oakley (US & Japan) trying to find out what the go is with my new glasses.

They were pretty quick with a response. Both said there is a possibility of lens distortion.

Oakley Japan is located in Ebisu.

They asked me to bring it in to test for defects and said it would take 2-3 days.

My dilemma is this. The shop that I bought them from will offer an exchange or refund only in a week. If Oakley find nothing wrong with the glasses, I have just wasted my time.

What if the sunglasses are just unsuitable for my eyes? I don't really feel like going out of my way to fix something like this. I'd rather be sleeping.

In other news, in Ginza it looks like Kimuraya have increased the 189 yen price of Anpan to 220 yen each.

I asked the girl in my bad Japanese ("Kore.. Anpan?") if what I had was the same anpan (it was in a paper wrap). She didn't speak English so I just went, "hmm.. ok" and bought them anyway.

I was on a real azuki craving. Sampleman made it worthwhile by eating as many samples on display as possible.

The train home is quite amusing.

At one point the train filled up every inch of the available space so much that I almost had a woman in my lap (yes, I was sitting). Shame she was a bit of a hag, but anyway. Can't choose these things.

I've finally changed my Homer "Doh!" ringtone to the NES Mario Bros theme. A change is not as good as a holiday.