Monday, 5 January 2009

Here Comes The Cheese

I had to wake up this morning around 315am.

Jetstar were unable to get us to leave from Brisbane airport, so we had to catch charter buses from 345am to the Gold Coast. By the time I checked out of the hotel, my bus didn't leave until 445am.

Once at Coolangatta airport, there was a huge queue checking in the 270 passengers onto today's flight. Going through the screening process, they decided to pull me up on the huge chunk of cheese I had in my messenger bag. I thought they were going to confiscate it, but luckily they just put in through separately to check it.

All that 4.7kg is mine! Cheese is expensive in Japan, so it's like gold to me right now.

My rescheduled flight finally left around 830am. Overall the flight wasn't too bad. I requested a window seat and somehow got one of the central seats instead. Go figure. At least the seat next to me was free.

For our troubles today they provided in-flight meals free of charge.

My baggage took a while to come through, but it was easily identifiable.

My father thought it'd be better wrapped in plastic than with a padlock.

I could spot it a mile away, and so could everyone else!

Along with the chunk of cheese, I got a lot of other food as well - Chocolate, biscuits and coffee.

There were even clothes in that suitcase.

It took ages to get home. Unfortunately I missed work today, so I'll be faxing that letter Jetstar provided.

First day back tomorrow.