Friday, 23 January 2009

La Cittadella

I haven't bought any new guitars (yet). It's always tempting, as I still like to check out the music shops in the meantime.

While I haven't been to Ochanomizu for ages, I'm always happy to find a new one to "ooh and ahh" over their stock.

Arriving with a little bit of time on my hands, I've discovered Yamano Music in the Italian-inspired La Cittadella complex.

They had a nice selection with mostly Gibson and Fender guitars. I stared longingly at a Billy Corgan signature Strat. I don't need it, but one very sweet guitar.

The prices look reasonable as long as I don't compare it to the (ever) weakening Aussie dollar. A bigger problem is getting it back home. The airlines aren't really accommodating to transporting guitars. Another sweet machine that I would LOVE to own is a Joe Satriani limited Chrome Guitar.

630,000 yen, anyone?