Friday, 30 January 2009


I'm probably nuts to be going doe-eyed over sweet-looking guitars.

To follow on from my recent posts, the mirror-faced Ibanez JEM was traded in a local guitar shop and is now on 'flea' bay blocked from overseas bidding.


It didn't stop me from bidding on this.

It's a heavily customized RG Ibanez with JEM pickups and swirl. I bid US $950 (+$65 shipping) and was the only bidder up to the three minutes to go mark (at 5.20am no less).

In a show of weakness (or more likely, Italian guilt), I told myself I didn't need another guitar, but right up to this moment of typing this post, I'm kicking myself for not trying to up my bid in those final moments.

Another good example of letting a sweet deal slip from my fingers. For some reason I feel the need to spend a bit of that yen, and I've been trawling the guitar shops like a junkie looking for his next hit.

I really like the swirl finish on this guitar. This is how it's done.

Clicking here explains the process involved in "swirl painting" the guitar body. It looks simple enough.

I could use a new hobby.