Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Goodbye Mr Young

It's coming to the closing of yet another school year.

With that, it's also the time where I have to say goodbye to yet another teacher moving on. To say goodbye and to have a drink or ten, we went to an izakaya.

The only thing I hate about these things is how they split the bill evenly.

I think tonight something was suss when I was solely asked to pitch another 1,000 yen after they originally got 3,000 yen from me. Sure I drank plenty of beer to keep up with everyone's share, but I didn't have any of the squid and scallops that they ordered so it seemed a little unfair to pay more and eat less.

I was fairly drunk so I didn't dispute it. Don't want to mess up the group harmony.

We finished up later than my connecting train so I crashed at a teacher's apartment in Shibuya. Before that though, we had two beers at Tasu Ichi until it closed around 2am (or was it 3am?). We hit the supermarket for some pizza flavoured chips and another drink to have while we watched some Seinfeld.

He has a great view into Shinjuku from being at the top level of the apartment building. Great location.

I went to sleep really quickly on the sofa.

Sure was comfy.