Monday, 14 January 2008

A Day Off With Panettone.

There was a public holiday today, so we just slept in.

Along with the salami and cheese, we also got stuck into the yummy italian panettone cake. I guess you could say it's to celebrate seven months together.

We didn't go anywhere except to the supermarket. On mondays they have a lot of 100 yen specials.

I've done a few mods on my phone. The best is a phone locker that looks similar to the iPhone screen that works great. It makes it easy to make sure I don't make any unwanted calls if I forget to lock it.

I tried putting an iPhone launcher screen on it as well. It looked pretty cool with all the buttons, but it wasn't the most stable thing, and it showed the wrong time.

I actually prefer the default today screen.

I put on an iPod skin player as well. This looks very cool, but it's a little gimmicky.

Last night we cleaned the air conditioner's filters. They were caked in dust. It runs much better now. I'm counting down the days till the end of this freezing weather.