Thursday, 31 January 2008

Oh Mickey You So Fine

As if I needed an excuse.

I went to Akihabara to get a new battery for my Mickey Mouse watch and some blank DVDs to backup all the crap that I have accumulated in Japan filling my hard drive to the brink. Not that a laptop drive has a lot of space to start with anyway.

As my "fixed" watch is in the shop getting re-fixed, I've got a week to wait to get it back hopefully working much better than before.

Before I left the apartment, I looked up a shop on Google Earth and made it part of my mission to see if I could find it. It's a little outside of Akihabara, so I was relying on my net reference and a little help from my phone GPS.

It's a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it picks up the satellites, and sometimes I can't get it to fire up at all. Today, I was in luck. It got me within a block of the target so I found the place easily. Maybe I'm not going to be as lost as I thought.

Akihabara is an interesting place to wander around.

I searched in as many shops as possible to find the cheapest watch battery and discovered that Yodobashi Camera was the least costly at 390 yen. I was hoping to find the 397 battery in a 100 yen shop, but it looks like it isn't the most common battery around these parts.

I went into the closest Maccas with yet another expired coupon and.. success, another free coffee! Sugoi!

While I was there I used my swiss army knife to carefully remove the tiny screws of my watch. It's probably not the best place to change a battery, with a potentially watch destroying coffee close by.

Nearby I also picked up a pack of Tim Tams for 298 yen. It wouldn't be a bargain back home, but here that's a pretty good price.

It gets dark here early about 5pm, so I made my way back home to make nice din dins for the gf and myself. The salami and cheese are yet to finish, so on tonight's menu is a tasty combo with these tasty morsels. I got the oishii seal of approval.

She got her keitai back too. Looks like the japanese are honest enough to return a misplaced phone. That would NEVER happen back home.

Oh, eight months in Japan by the way. Bring it on!