Thursday, 17 January 2008

OMG, I Think I Might Be Charisma Man

I couldn't really understand how going back to Australia would turn out to be mostly a let down.

Recently a fellow teacher brought in a comic book called "Charisma Man". It's story is basically how a back home loser becomes desirable to japanese women.

Going back home I guess I was just another face in the crowd. I have to say coming here has improved my confidence so much.

One great thing about women here is that they don't blow off guys as easily as western women do. Not all guys are looking to pick up. Sometimes conversation is just that.

Another teacher noted that the type of people they hired had similar characteristics. At the time I didn't think much of it, but there is a kind of otaku vibe to us.

Sure, one can say being geeky isn't the most appealing trait in a person, but the opposite can be as off-putting as well.

There is someone who, from my first impression came across as over confident. He walked the walk and talked the talk. Basically he had tickets on himself. Ha, there's an aussie idiom for you!

He talks how he's so great with women. Yet, the only gf he has had since coming here many months ago was a 19yr old girl working at some fast food restaurant.

He said he has TOO MUCH respect for women. I just think that the fish stinks from the head (Thanks papa for that one), and the girls know it.

Anyway enough about that little rant. I feel like I'm beginning to sound like Doogie Howser MD.