Monday, 19 May 2008

Double Vision

Yet another detour to geek heaven, Nakano Broadway.

I decided to give a try to Nintendo Snoopy panorama screen (only click the link if you want to try the windows simulator), and a double screen Donkey Kong II.

Snoopy was 7,350 yen and not in the best condition. Some of the LCDs looked a little faded and the overall unit looked a bit worn. The gameplay was ok, but playing it didn't give me the goosebumps of playing Donkey Kong Jr again.

Donkey Kong II was a bit of a disappointment. For 2,100 yen I thought it could be a good bargain, but this was a little too used as well. The hinges and buttons were loose, the LCDs faded and the case was a little scratched too. Better off just playing the flash game of it linked above.

At least I saved my money. That's a good thing.

I really want to get at least Donkey Kong Hockey and Invaders Of The Mummy's Tomb. Then I'll stop.


Galaxy Invader 1000 IS calling me though. Hmm..

Some American geek boys were filming themselves happy that they got Galaga for 500 yen. Losers. I laughed on the inside, then thought to myself, "Just like me." Oh.

My new sunglasses are giving me a bit of trouble. For some reason they're giving me killer headaches. They seem to make it harder for me to focus on things further away. I don't think they're too dark.

I walked into the Bic at Tachikawa today where they had the same glasses. They gave me the same feeling too. Maybe it was because I was still dazed from wearing the ones I had coming here.

I tried their other lenses and none were any better. If it's any consolation, they cost 24,500 yen here so I got a great price.

I just wish I had my old sunglasses back.

Where are you?