Friday, 2 May 2008

Separated At Birth?

Take a look at this photo. Look familiar?

For some strange reason quite a few japanese people have said that I resemble Matsumoto Jun. The first time I had a look at this I thought I was looking in a mirror! The resemblance is uncanny.

It doesn't hurt that this person is a singer slash actor, thought of as a bit of a hunk in these parts.

My hair is curly and his is a little bit too. How some people could equate my clearly Italian features, with looking Japanese baffles me.

It could be worse I suppose.


Unknown said...

But you know, He is like totally hot. So... If I were you, though Im not, I'd be flattered. ^^
Matsumoto wa kawaii ^^

Shizuka said...

R u sure? U should post a photo of yourself for us to see, u know ;p
Maybe u both could meet up, seeing that u r in Japan
P.S: I am a great fan of Jun kun

Jimmy In Japan said...

It's been a while since I heard the Jun comparisons. My hair's grown out quite a bit and I tie it back most of the time so I don't think the comparison works anymore.

Just noticed a broken link on my Matsumoto Jun photo. Damn I hate that.

I don't post many pictures of myself much these days. You may see me in a Spiderman suit before too long.