Monday, 29 December 2008

Strange Days

I didn't feel comfortable driving without a licence. Knowing my luck, I'd be pulled over when I least expect it.

I went to the Department of Transport office in Rosalie only to find out it would be closed until Friday! There was however a note down the bottom stating the office in Spring Hill was open.

My brother was leaving back to Sydney today, so on the way to the airport I was dropped off to renew another five year licence. For $71.05 it's a bit expensive considering I'm still living in Japan. Who knows how long I'll be there for?

So far it looks like it'll be living there a while yet. Maybe it's just a slow time of year, but I'm pretty bored being here. I can't remember it being this slow and quiet before.

I walked through the city after getting the licence. Like last time it felt strange. I've gotten so used to Tokyo now that it's here I feel awkward. Again, the sounds of English, and I mean AUSTRALIAN English, sounds foreign!

Right now my biggest decision is whether to chop off my locks or not. Now THAT is a tough choice to make.