Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Tears On A Razor Blade

I've finally started to use the replacement Gillette blades that I bought back in March.

As you can see the one I've been using for a YEAR AND SEVEN MONTHS is looking a little worse for wear. That's right, since I arrived in Japan!

Even with shaving cream, it was really starting to feel like I was ripping my face apart. At least I know how far I can use these to (my) breaking point.

For some reason Gillette market the blue blades for the non-powered razor. It happens to be a little cheaper, but it fits and works just the same as the proper ones. So, don't pay extra for a colour co-ordinated orange. Blue looks fine.

I have to say I had a much more comfortable shave today.

Station beers was a little more in-house tonight. Considering it was Christmas Eve and the last drinks for 2008, we stayed indoors with a few more of the staff and other teachers.

See you next year guys. Cheers.