Thursday, 11 December 2008

Walking To Shibuya

As expected, this morning I had a killer hangover. Even around 3pm it was still bugging me.

Eventually I managed to leave the house and make my way towards Shibuya.. on foot!

Initially I was only thinking we'd walk around Yotsuya, so I could take some pretty pictures of the last yellowing leaves of early winter, soon to drop and leave the skeletal remains of the trees.

This is the path along the main road leading towards Yotsuya station.

I can't help to mock the politician on this poster that I always see on the wall near my street.

This is Yotsuya crossing looking towards the koban and Yotsuya metro station.

As it was getting darker, we kept walking alongside the Imperial Palace and Jingu Gaien noticing a lot of the fallen yellow leaves. So Pretty. It was hard to take decent non-blurry photos without the flash.

This is a random Christmas "illumination" photo in Aoyama's CI Plaza. It turned out better than I expected.

I'm told the sign next to the Coca-Cola billboard is an advertisement for a hangover medicine. Just what I needed today!

This is an interesting sculpture outside the Aoyama theatre.
This is the AO building in Aoyama. At the moment it's so new, the only part open is the Kinokuniya supermarket. It's great to see some unusual architecture in the typically dull Tokyo cityscape.

If you look carefully you can see Kiddyland on the left. One of my favourite toy shops, in Omotosando. Lots of cool stuff.

Looking for love? This may be the place, in a back street of Omotosando.

Yes, I'm immature when I read things into this.

Since we walked this far we kept on going to Shibuya, not that far away. When most people first come to Japan they read that OIOI store as "zero one zero one" or "oi oi". The latter sounds more Aussie to me. It's actually the Marui department store.

And then we went to Karaoke.. NOT! By this time we were quite hungry and decided on pizza at Shakeys. It's not the most quality food, and I kind of regret that feeling in my stomach afterwards, but for 1500 yen all you can eat, it's a good way to beat hunger in Shibuya.

It took around an hour to walk back home from Shibuya. My legs were so tired. It wasn't such a bad way to get over a hangover though.