Saturday, 13 December 2008

Wait For It

Just a moment..

I want to thank all the people that listened to me, ever, and even the people that didn't like me for no reason other than that they decided that was their choice, before they even let me prove myself. Not that I ever had to justify myself to anyone.

Tonight I feel like I know who are the people I trust, and the ones that are truly my friends. I've always tried to be honest to myself, and expect others to do the same for me. I really enjoyed myself tonight.


I missed the last train, and walked home from Shinjuku. It gave me a lot of thinking time, about why I am here in Japan.

I NEEDED this. I'll go back soon, to remind me what was special back home, and I'll miss all the good things in Japan.

Two words.. Christmas Party! I'm too tired to post any pictures tonight. Stay tuned. Maybe tomorrow..