Monday, 22 December 2008

Geek Like Me

In my final days I couldn't stop myself from checking out Nakano Broadway.

Going there every week is fairly pointless as most of the stuff stays the same, but it's been quite a few months, so in the limited time before work I jumped off the train to the land of hentai dolls and other retro toy junk.

It was quite satisfying. I first gazed upon the retro handhelds. Most of the same games were still there. Upstairs there was an assortment of Gundams and hentai dolls but no, I didn't buy anything today.

Tonight I did a preliminary packing of my suitcase. This involved mostly taking all my hentai dolls and Gundams (ha ha) out of their packaging, and putting the stuffed toys I have accumulated over this year. While it's not full as last year's suitcase, it's still more than I expected to carry (sigh).

Let this be a lesson to the catcher addict.

The good news is that so far with my trusty new electronic scales, the total weight so far is only 11kg, meaning I have the opportunity to stuff another 9kg of crap in there. Great!

Only 2 more sleeps to go.