Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Ginza Desu ka?


Another fun-packed day at Ginza.

Before school I wanted to print out one of the photos I took at Mt Takao the other day. The good ol' Bic Camera has a lot of photo machines that bang out quick pics for just 30 yen a photo.

On my D40x camera and on my laptop the photo looked perfect, but after I printed it out I was quite disappointed.

To my eyes it had far too saturated skin tones for my liking.

I didn't have much time to ask someone so I just rushed to get to work. Of course I allowed enough time for some Kimuraya anpan. Sampleman® has NOT been pleased with the stingy amount of samples they have been giving lately.

A few hours later I was lucky to have a vacant lesson to get some food. I was hungry!

Sad to say I had a double Quarter Pounder for 490 yen at evil Mcdonalds. I know. I shouldn't have. Still hungry I bought another anpan and scoffed that back at the office.

After work I pointlessly went back to Bic and asked about my over-saturated photo, to which they said nothing could be done.

Typical Japanese response.

I figured bringing my SLR along today I should take some pics. The photos on this post are from my camera.