Sunday, 13 January 2008

Guitars, Cheese and Salami

Being a good a day as any, I have decided to start eating the massive salami and Pecorino cheese.

I wish I had an electric slicer. It'd be so much easier to cut some thin slices.

I was going to share it with the gf, but with the cold and the soothing glow from our new electric heater she fell asleep.

It won't be a problem though. There is still a LOT more to go to finish it.

Last night I looked up an old co-worker from a previous job.

He actually bought my very much missed Marshall stack. A few years ago he also packed up and left for Tokyo to teach english. That is one reason I was looking for him. The only problem now is that he is now studying visual arts in San Francisco!

Looking over his stuff on the internet made me realize that I have been wasting years not playing as much music as I should have.

Before I left Brisbane I took this picture of my favourite guitars.

My absolute best guitar is the once pristine white Les Paul with gold pickups and pink binding. This guitar has mojo. Shame I had to leave them back home.

In class I asked students their New Year's resolutions this week and I told them mine was to learn Japanese. Now, I think to add to that is to play more guitar and record those songs in my head once and for all.

Later today we're going to head to Harajuku.