Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Join Us, Become One Of Us

The Yamanote line was absolutely packed this morning.

I don't know what it is, but lately I've had to really squeeze myself in to catch my train. I guess when in Rome.. There's always room for one more.

There was a strange train changeover at some small station along the way. It looks like there weren't enough passengers on the train I was on, so they made us all get off to catch the next one. Great..

I still had plenty of time to get to Yokohama though. I always give myself a good buffer to get to the office.

With a bit of time to spare I took a few photos with my new lens.

I couldn't resist and took some pics of the Joinus signs, and some places around the more populated side of the station.

The busy street next to the Vivre building.

The weird "Guggenheim"-like Bic Camera store.

The "Smoking Area" box next to the station. Too funny..

I'm really happy with the way the pictures are coming out. The pictures are mostly sharp, with some nice out of focus backgrounds.

The zoom is keeping me lazy and saving me from walking the small extra distances.

I saw this "Chorus Water" in the teacher's staff room. What next? Verse Water?, Middle 8 Water?

Before I left Yokohama I went to Don Quijote for some essentials.

The Shochu is finished so I bought myself another 4 litres (1880 yen, sweet..) It seems to finish so quickly.

I also got some Ghana chocolate for 69 yen, which is a fantastic price. No, I don't say "Ghana money", that's just silly.

Only Crunky can be spoken of in money terms.