Monday, 11 February 2008

The "Lost In Translation" Hotel

Today is National Foundation Day and therefore yet another japanese public holiday. Yay for me!

After doing some "100 yen day" supermarket shopping, we went to the Chiyoda library.

They had a lot of great CDs (and DVDs too) to borrow.

I thought I could use the library card I already had, but I needed to get a separate card for this library.

Their borrowing card looks a lot cuter with two ducks on the front. kawaii.

I borrowed out a "best of" David Lee Roth, Kelly Clarkson and Jaco Pastorius. David Lee Roth?

Yes, I'm afraid so.

From there we went to the Yotsuya library where I unloaded the John Mayer, Scissor Sisters and a Rolling Stone magazine.

The Scissor Sister's CD really didn't do it for me. I don't know whether it was because the music was gay, or just really samey and well, boring.

We'd planned to go to the NTT building in Hatsudai for an interesting (and free) exhibition, but it looks like they weren't open on this public holiday.

With my "fisheye" camera I took a lot of interesting photos today including this turtle walking up the side of this building.

Until I get a normal lens, expect to see a LOT of fisheye-d pictures.

Instead we made our way to the nearby Park Hyatt and Metropolitan Government Office buildings.

The Hyatt is well known for being the hotel with the great view in "Lost In Translation".

We made our way up to the same floor as in the movie but we didn't go into the same bar. Ordering something would have stretched our budget more than I can afford.

Still, we managed to get a great view out the window on the same floor.

On the way back down we were both feeling really hungry so we stopped into Macca's for Big Macs, chips and drinks. Even with all that our hunger was not satisfied, so we had a choco pie and an apple pie. That didn't really help things. Macdonalds bad!

In the same building we checked out the Conran shop. What was really bizarre was that they were selling Star Wars lightsabers! This is a homewares store. What the..? I couldn't resist and gave them a try. They were about 24,100 yen and yes, I'd love to have one. Sadly, it'd be impossible to bring back to Australia though.

The line for the Government observatory was too long for our liking, so I took some cool photos surrounding the building.

One of the naked lady statues in the circular courtyard area.

THIS is art.

Love that fisheye. You will learn to love it too.

Here are a few more I did in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku.I have no idea what goes on in the establishment behind me.

An atmospheric shot as it's getting dark around Shinjuku.

Here you can see Takashimaya Square and the "Empire State Building", otherwise known as the NTT DoCoMo building.


Lewis Carnelian said...

Hi there, just wanted to say great blog - it's really simple but I still find it continually interesting...! I also love the Park Hyatt... aaahhhhhh, brings back memories... was I there with Scarlett...? I can't remember. No, that was Bill.

Jimmy In Japan said...

Thanks, I'm always curious to know who bothers to read my blog. Hopefully some of my ranting is useful and informative. Tokyo was a bit of mystery to me before I came. I'm glad if this helps anyone else make sense of this "other planet".

Lost In Translation's an excellent movie. Mmm.. Scarlett.