Saturday, 16 February 2008

The Killing Spree

The intervention didn't work (ok, there wasn't one), and I still go to the UFO catchers.

I was still hankering for Wonka chocolate after we finished the Valentine's Day one.

I made a bee-line for the same Taito near Minato Mirai, but they weren't there anymore.

To my surprise I saw an ugly Lilo & Stitch doll at the bottom of one of the chutes so I picked it up. Another freebie! It was probably left there because whoever won it decided it was too butt ugly to take home.

I will probably end up donating it to one of the students.

I was a little peeved about the chocolate, so I went into Yokohama's Daiei supermarket and got some Meiji Black for 85 yen but it WASN'T enough. I was still unsatisfied.

I caught the train to Shibuya and proceeded to the Adores UFO catcher. There I saw WONKA chocolate! Again I played for it and I'm sure that I paid more for it than retail. (700-800 yen? *bah!*) The important thing is that it's mine... all mine.

At that point I should have went home but I foolishly went to the other Taito and saw a two cup espresso coffee maker. I spent 1400 yen getting it. Did I need it? No, I have one here at home. Oh boy..

How do you know when you are addicted to UFO catchers/claw machines?

1. You have a 1000 yen note broken up into 100 yen coins (just in case).

2. You play for things you don't need or really want because you are "sure it's easy to get in".

3. You watch other people have a go to make "strategies" for winning.

4. You play for the hentai dolls because they are kind of "sexy".

5. You go to the catchers at every spare opportunity to see if there's anything new in them.

It's ok if you don't think this is funny. I'm being serious! I'm sure there are many more "clues" for catcher addiction but these are all I could think of quickly enough to write this post.

You'd think with the gf away at her mother's, I'd be out partying, but no the UFO catcher monkey is well and truly on my back. I'll leave you with another Shibuya crossing photo with my new camera. Ooh, the pretty lights..
Why is there ALWAYS someone in the photo looking at me taking the picture? Hello, you've never seen anyone do this?