Friday, 15 February 2008

Open Space 2007

After work I took my camera to Miyama Camera to see if they could fix my small problem of a tiny hair and some spots on my viewfinder.

It's not a big thing. The marks don't show on the pictures so it's not on the sensor, but it has been slightly distracting. From forums I have read, it's very common and most people just ignore it.

It's still under its 14 (yes, that's fourteen) day secondhand warranty, so I thought that while I still had the chance, I'd see if they could correct it. I don't want to be doing anything stupid to a just bought camera that is otherwise working fine.

After quite a bit of effort the salesperson managed to get rid of the hair and most of the spots.

I did say that they were still partly there, but to be fair they would only be seen if you were really looking for them. I think I pissed him off a little, so I didn't push the issue too hard.

Later with the gf we made our way to Hatsudai near the Park Hyatt to the NTT Inter Communication Centre (ICC). Mistakenly I thought it was in the actual NTT building, but it's across the road in the Tokyo Opera City building across the road on the fourth floor.

This I found out after the gf got me to ask reception in english where it was. If we go to Italy, I'm going to get the gf to ask people in japanese for directions to see how she feels.

The Open Space 2007 is open until March 9th, 2008.

I really recommend going to this exhibition. It's like the science museum without kids. SUGOI!!

There's plenty of hands-on activities and eye candy.

Highlights were : An ice hockey amusement game where you are actually playing against yourself in a mirror!

Driftnet - create computer lightning with movement, very "sorcerer's apprentice" and..

Juggler, a real life animation done with lots of twisted metal and a strobe light.

It's hard to describe, so just watch the video.

Do yourself a favour and just go if you're in Tokyo. It's very cool.

Walking back (after pigging out on Yoshinoya), we found Yamaya, world foods and wine.

From the outside it looks like any liquor store, but I have now found a great place to get lots of yummy international food and best of all, real mango and peach juice! (and cheap alcohol, cheese etc).

If you go out the south exit of Shinjuku station and keep heading south towards Park Hyatt you'll see it on the right hand side of the road about 1km down the road.

We got three litres of mango juice (and one peach and grape) for 138 yen per litre, and some babybel cheese. Sampleman had some soy milk samples and said "good!"

For good measure we went to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts before heading home.

Along with the free one waiting in line, I bought two. The gf bought three. She said two were for her mother, and just one for herself. Yeah, right.. She makes me laugh.

Oh, by the way I got the "sister" penguin for the gf. Just 500 yen!