Friday, 29 February 2008

Too Much Thinking On Trains

Usually the time on the trains passes by fairly easily by tuning into my iPod to shut the rest of the alien world out.

Sometimes I find myself thinking WAY too much.

Today I recalled an interesting quote from none other than a few spoken lines from the "Rush Rush" video by Paula Abdul.

"Can I ask you something? Have you ever been in love?"
--"If I was, I didn't know it. And you?"
"No. Isn't that terrible?"
--"Terrible? No, it just reminds you that we're all alone, that's all."

For some reason since what, 1991? I still remember those lines clearly. I actually paraphrased it in one of the songs I wrote way back then.

To make sure, I checked out the clip on youtube. It's not enough to consider it plagiarism, but those lines still affect me.

Hmm.. < insert pregnant pause >

One of the other things that crossed my mind is "What do I want to be when I grow up?"

Seeing that I don't feel like I've grown up yet, I still have some time left to find out.