Saturday, 9 February 2008

Yokohama Fisheye

Since I was in Yokohama, I decided to take my new camera combo with me and shoot a few pictures off before (and after) lessons.

As soon as I arrived I headed out the west exit of Yokohama station and took a picture in the west direction facing my school.

You can also see More's building and Tower Records on the right, and the Yodobashi Camera building to the left of the Kirin sign.

From there I headed south to the more interesting main shopping area of Yokohama and took this photo.

It looks like I don't have to mess around with the manual focus much. With the lens so wide I can pretty much leave it at infinity and it has a good focus on everything. I was almost thinking I should have got the more expensive D80, but it looks like I'm getting my head around this camera ok.

I also took a few pics in the teacher's staff room and they turned out alright as well.

To finish off I wanted to do a night shot. So what not better than the Taito UFO catcher near Tokyu Hands?

Lucky I took this picture fairly early on. Not long after it started snowing again.