Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Gachapin is Gatchaman

When I was younger one of my favourite cartoons on tv was Gatchaman. Don't remember it?

Well actually that's what they called it here in Japan. You might know it better as Battle Of The Planets or G-Force. Like many of the other popular cartoons of the time, I had no idea these anime all originated from Japan.

Last week I went to my special place in Shibuya and saw some small Gachapin dressed up as Gatchaman. I didn't buy them then, but seeing they were still there today I decided to snap them up for 420 yen.

There are three of them.

Mark (what they called him in BOTP), in his normal number one shirt and another in his "bird" suit.

The other one has him driving the Phoenix, the cool spaceship that turned into a fiery bird whenever the guys were in big trouble.

If you're familiar with my blog, you'd know I think Gachapin is one cool, little dinosaur.