Thursday, 10 July 2008

Please Do Not The Stabbing

Sheete.. Here I find myself in Akky yet again.

Thankfully this week no stabbings.

It's been a while, so I've actually brought my camera with me.

A student brought in a cool enlargement of a flower (you had to be there), and it made me think to get off my lazy ass and take some daym pichaz!!

From memory, I think this is the first time I've actually taken pics with my Nikon in Akiba.

Unfortunately, I took a whole lot of photos of the Akihabara maids but as soon as they saw my camera they turned their shy selves around. The guy in this pic looks pretty pleased to meet them ("otaku!!!").

Where's the love, or should I say where's the moe?

It looks like they love their job from the looks on their faces. Yep, if I said "Welcome home, master", I'd feel pretty good right now.

I haven't felt compelled to go to a maid cafe yet.

That, and Pachinko. Maybe if it was in English, I'd want to play the juvenile alligator game with them. Maybe not. Sexy uniforms though.

My reason for going to Akihabara was to get a belt.

The one I have is looking worse for wear. Last time I saw one for 680 yen which I thought was reasonable. The label says, "Rocco Italy". Inside, Made In China. What tha.. ?

What's funny is the bag the sales guy put it in says "Electronic Parts". Okay then.

I found a 100 yen shop that sold belts too. I should've known.

Still, this one may have at least been designed in Italy, right?

I had a McPork for lunch. My McDonalds boycott is on hiatus for this brief moment. 100 yen can't be beat. It served it's purpose for now.

I tried the skeleton watch that was 4000 yen. I didn't buy it, but going home I was kicking myself. Sometimes I WISH I was an impulse buyer. I hate regretting things after it's too late. I may have to go back there tomorrow. What a hassle.

On the way home I passed by Yasukuni shrine. They had some lanterns outside. I thought I should take some pictures before going home. Mouse over it for a close-up.