Friday, 11 July 2008

LK Colouring Skeleton Watch

If I see something I like, I should just buy it then and there. Instead, as soon as I get home I curse myself for not just getting the item I really wanted in the first place.

Exhibit A : Lk Colouring Skeleton Watch

Yesterday I checked out this Lk Colouring skeleton watch. It was a very reasonable 4,000 yen.

I like the Swatch "Body & Soul" one, but that costs about 16,000 yen around here. You can see a cool video of the Swatch in action here.

I went home without it.

Today I couldn't help myself, and forced myself to go back to Akihabara before work. I got it in the same place I picked up my cheap "Italian via China" belt.

I looked on the internet and couldn't find much information on this company at all. I think it's made in China and usually sold in online auctions. I have to get the metal band adjusted. The sales guy wasn't that helpful. He looked as disinterested as he was yesterday.

I'm pretty happy with it so far.

It's a mechanical watch so it doesn't need a battery. I just need to wind it up to keep it going. I'm not sure how many times I have to turn it. I only turned it a little today and it only lasted a few hours. I gave it a few more turns now so I hope it keeps the time longer than that.

This is a little video I made so you can see how the movement works. Nice..


Eric C said...

I have a similar watch from HK. You can wind that thing up like crazy, just turn the knob back and forth, it should wind both directions. Mine lasts for over two days with a really good wind.

Eric C said...

As a post-script: depending on the way your movement is designed (it's a little different from mine)you may be able to overwind it (but probably not). Fifteen turns each way should wind it pretty thoroughly.

Jimmy In Japan said...

I've found out now I can do between 15-20 turns before it starts getting a bit of resistance.

It doesn't last over a day though.

Thanks for your comment Eric!

Unknown said...

i have an automatic Lk Colouring which I bought online. It never needs winding as long as you wear it regularly. Also it is pretty accurate. Quite a bargain for the amount I paid; that's around 14 euros.

Jimmy In Japan said...

The Swatch is automatic as well. I'm lazy and I don't like winding so I prefer that, I agree, the LK are pretty good value for money though.

Enrique Levy said...

I agree with the comment on the good value. I bought an LK online from a Chinese retailer a few months ago and it's still working fine.

Kinda wished I did research before buying it though, cause I recently stumbled upon this site:

Which has a pretty large selection with good prices. Might get another one for a friend as an xmas present though...

Carlos said...

I just recently got a lk colouring watch from the Deal Extreme website. It was really affordable and looks great. I can recognize on your picture the same mechanical structure. I wear mine every day and it doesn't need to be winded as long as you shake it for 30 sec before going to bed. Otherwise, you better wind it thoroughly and will last 48 hours. Check it out here:

Also, I'm sure you are familiar with the brand Tokyoflash. I looove that brand & their "special" way to read time. I owe one and it's an excellent conversation starter:

Jimmy In Japan said...

I've since given this watch to a relative. I have the Swatch which I think is a much better one. They're very hard to read.

I have a Tokyo Flash watch like this. It's quite hard to read but does look cool/unusual. I have their Yamanote line watch as well. lol

Carlos said...

Nice Tokyo Flash watch Jimmy! Have you seen the new ziiiro watches? They are on my Wish List:

Jimmy In Japan said...

Those watches look really cool! I haven't seen them here. Looks like they'd be hard to read too.