Saturday, 12 July 2008

Guess Who Got An iPhone?

No not me, but you thought I did didn't you?

I had the opportunity to try it from a co-worker today. He also has the same Windows phone as me that he now wants to sell for 30,000 yen if anyone's interested.

Looks like there was a bit of a queue here in Japan for the impatient and easily excited Japanese today. Just another day for these guys. If you have to wait, the Japanese have nailed it down to a fine art.

It did make me want one. The operating system makes Windows seem slow and pokey. It's also not as sexy as this baby.

I will try to hold off for a bit longer. Like maybe when I need a new phone, AND a new iPod. The audio sounds pretty good to me through headphones too.

Anything not to like? Well, it doesn't do video recording which surprised me (yet). The pictures are only 2 megapixel, but don't look too bad for that resolution.

The lack of a removable battery is a concern, but I can't think of a mobile phone I've had that I ever replaced the battery.

Today I went to my secret shop and picked up another DOA boob mug.

I also got this one.

Weird, it looks like she has carrots aiming for her ass, but I think these are some kind of "rocket carrots" attached to her waist. Oh, it also has a carrot bulge instead of boobs. Mouse over the picture for the back of it. Nice. Did I mention it's red?

If you're interested you can read more about this anime character here. Apparently Mina's quite a popular figure in otaku circles.

By the way, my skeleton watch with a fair bit of winding lasts at least a whole day which suits me fine.

Day off tomorrow. Just what I need.