Saturday, 5 July 2008

I'll Drink To That

Alcohol in Japan is cheap. It's not written in guidebooks, or "How to live in Japan" books. It's much cheaper than buying it duty-free.

You can buy it in a supermarket, or at the nearest convenience store.

Tonight I went to the local Bic Camera, an electronics store (!), and picked up a 700ml bottle of Kahlua for 1,180 yen, and the same size bottle of Smirnoff Vodka for 980 yen.

In Australia the total wouldn't pay for even one of those bottles. Because I have a points card, I added my purchase to it, but with what I spent I don't think it gave me more than a hundred yen. Still, better than nothing.

Arriving back in Yotsuya, the gf wanted to eat out so we had an all you can eat shabu-shabu.

It's a cool party trick. Watch as I swish thin slices of pork through the boiling broth, and hey presto, it's cooked! Very neat, and tasty too.

Before we went home we stopped into Hanamasa for milk. I had a milk and Kahlua mix before bed. I used to love this stuff. I probably added more Kahlua than milk but it doesn't taste as good as it used to. Lucky I didn't buy the one litre bottle.

I think after these are finished I'll go back to my four litre Shochu bottles. They're real cheap, and they last me for ages.