Sunday, 3 August 2008

I Don't Wanna Go To Akiba

I didn't really feel like going to Akihabara today.

Yes you read that right. I was so tired from my endless search for the perfect operating system on my phone. I was up until 5am ironing out the never-ending kinks.

The gf was after a USB drive and needed it on Monday. So we caught the train and I found one that didn't cost too much to do the job. Naturally being here I want to look around my favourite little shops.

I felt the gf wanted to leave as soon as she got what she needed. It felt like pulling a boat anchor from place to place.

We were getting hungry so we looked for a place to eat. I was happy to eat at Yoshinoya, but we went to a ramen place instead.

Looks like it was a bit of a mistake.

For the second time now I was bending over the bowl spewing my guts out. The side-dish actually looked and kind of tasted of it anyway, so I guess it wanted out quickly.

Should've had Yoshinoya..