Saturday, 2 August 2008

Moichans And A First Scratch

I thought it would happen eventually.

I dropped my new Oakleys on the ground. I was in the bathroom washing my hands and they fell from my pocket, face first on the ground.


(For anyone wondering who the hell is "Jan", click this Youtube video, or the wiki explanation.)

There are only two sand-like scatches, but on a fire mirror lens it's fairly easy to notice. At least I notice, and everytime I look at them, I'll be kicking myself. Why doesn't it happen to $20 ones you buy?

Anyway, deep breath in, deep breath out..

Later that evening in Shibuya, I noticed a few places with some more of the little Moicho I won for the gf last Sunday in Shinjuku.

We had some tasty, but pricey unagi first.

After that it was my mission to get some more of them. In fact I got another five of them.

So, six in total now!


avatar said...

Maybe you should have bought some $20 ones?