Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Unshaved And Dangerous

It's the last day before I head back to work tomorrow.

I think I'll need to have a shave before I get there don't you think?

The last time I shaved was on the first day of Summer Sonic. I haven't bothered to do it since then because, "I'm on holiday".

It's been endless nights awake, and one big long sleep in between.

Last night I hauled the gf's new laser printer ("rezabimu purinta" - sounds like Star Wars), from Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku to her apartment. It was probably only about 12kg, but the box was big and by the time I got to the apartment my arms were aching.

She didn't want to unpack it last night. When I buy something new, I can't wait to unwrap my new "present". So this morning I got it out and helped her install it.

There isn't much room in the apartment, but we managed to find a place where it fits nicely I think.

Apart from that, a pretty low-key finale to these holidays.

The gf went to the 99 yen shop for some printing paper.

As you can see it says "free paper" all over it. It was 104 yen for the 100 sheets.

Not quite free is it?