Monday, 15 October 2007

Happy Cheese

I made my father some eggs and ham for breakfast. I gave him a few things to take back to Australia, my video camera I don't use, Softbank phone that he'll have to get network unlocked to use, and two of the MANY soft toys that I have won on the infamous UFO catchers.

I have lessons in Kami-Ōoka, but I knew that I had to get him to Yokohama to catch the airport bus.

He has a bad knack of walking through the wrong ticket gate when he puts his ticket through. I found that the YCAT (Yokohama City Air Terminal) is a more direct bus service that costs about the same (3500 yen), as catching the train all the way from Shinjuku.

Before getting the bus, we left the luggage (150 yen) at the terminal so I could show him the beautiful Minato Mirai area and all the ongoing construction going on.

I bought eleven slabs of the Lindt chocolate at the Pocket Mart, then we walked towards Landmark Tower. It took less time than I expected, so we had a free Macca's iced coffee.

On the way back I thought to show him the cool mini laptops in Yodobashi Camera. Time was getting shorter, so we had to move a little more quickly.

I said a little teary goodbye to my father, then caught the express train from Yokohama to Kami-Ōoka getting there with almost ten minutes before clock in. Lucky..

I had more free Macdonalds coffee vouchers that were due today, so I gave two to him to use at Narita, and the rest to my students. Finally at the end of my shift, I had one more coffee before I caught the train home.

I am really liking to use my Suica card. I can just swipe my wallet with the card inside. Sure beats looking for change to get a manual ticket. You can even get a printout of the costs of the previous trips. Nice.

I went to the supermarket to get more eggs, but all the cheap eggs were sold out. Also there was no milk on the shelves. Whats goin' on Keikyu supermarket?

I ended up getting some ham, drinking yoghurt, and let's not forget what I have dubbed "Happy Cheese". As you can see from the pic, bigger, toast size cheese is MUCH happier.