Sunday, 28 October 2007

Woodstock, Not The Festival

She wanted to go to a Brain Science Institute information show in Aoyama, I wanted to go to the motor show.

She won.

The motor show runs next weekend so I guess I wait a little longer to have my photo taken with a lot of hot girls with the cars. Thanks girlfriend.

It was all in japanese, so apart from a robot that could follow the movement of a red ball it was a little boring.

We walked through Aoyama past a lot of interesting buildings with expensive fashion clothes. We had Haagan Daaz icecreams and a free Macdonalds coffee with more expired coupons.

It cost 320 yen to have the icecream at a table and 260 yen take away. As you can see on the look on my face I am not impressed.

Along the way we saw a Honda dealership. I laugh a little that they call the Honda Jazz, a "Fit". I saw a Honda S2000 convertible for only 3,900,000 yen (about $40,000), much cheaper than in Australia. I couldn't resist jumping on the Harley-style motorcycles.

We had some green tea, caramel coffee and Cheesecake at Cafe Madu.

We made our way to Shibuya. We haven't been there for a while. I checked out the Blister toy store, Bic Camera, Apple Store and some UFO catcher arcades and Don Quijote.

At Blister, I saw two big Totoro stuffed toys. One was 30,000 yen and the other ginormous one was 90,000 yen! The larger one would be fantastic, but virtually impossible to get into a suitcase. I'll have to wait for their 50% off sale.

The Apple store had someone showcasing and performing their music, but like everyone else I was having a play with Apple's cool iTouch looking at websites. This thing is REALLY cool, but I think I'm going to hang out for the iPhone.

The Taito arcade had a Star Wars R2D2 that projected a light onto the walls. I didn't think I could sink it, but at the Club Sega I played for a Snoopy Woodstock toy and won it first go, 100 yen. Sweet.

We played a puck game as well. I was beaten nine to seven. Yes, I let her win a little. If I kicked her butt I'd pay for it later. I just know it.

By this time we were both hungry. At first we thought a Yakiniku, but they had no chicken meat so instead we did an "all you can eat" at Shakey's Pizza for 1500 yen each for two hours.

The pizza is not that great, but you can't say you are still hungry after that. Actually I felt a little sick from all that oil and cheese.

Feeling bloated we caught the train home. Someone has a fixation with the Suica Penguin. Not naming any names.