Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentine's Day Is Over

The curious thing about Valentine's Day is that it's the GIRLS who give the sweets to the men! Weird, but we can't complain can we?

Retailers never fail to cash in on yet another excuse to free us of our hard earned yen.

I was in Yokohama today when I saw Pocket Mart's "Valentine's Day" stalls inundated with women buying chocolates.

I'm told that in some cases the girls use it as an excuse to stuff their own mouths full of chocolate goodness, but maybe I'll believe they are DOING THE RIGHT THING and giving us the sweetness lacking in other areas.

At work I got two Lindt balls from a student which was really sweet (literally). Only one student though. When I got home I went halves with the gf.

Speaking of the gf. Even though the men don't give anything to the girls, I thought it strange not to give anything (We are supposed to return the favour on "White Day" in March).

I made my way through the streets and saw some more of the penguins the gf loves in the Club Sega.

It's funny, "Hentai girls" - bad, "Penguins" - GOOD! If I have any support of my habit, it's the pursuit of "happy feet" to keep the gf happy.

I got the staff to move it but the initial position was not that great.

Later he moved it enough to give the claw a little more leverage and tip it in. He advised me to grab it around the neck. I ignored his advice and nudged it in with one of the claw hands. Only two tries and 200 yen *ka ching!*

I wanted to get some Wonka chocolate as a secondary "gift", but they charge a ridiculous, at least 525 yen for a bar of Aussie chocolate.

I thought I'd win in at the Taito near Minato Mirai and save some money. I wasn't doing that great on this one. My mojo sucked and it took 700 yen! That was with the "give away" position from the sympathetic staff on my last try.

The gf was stoked with the penguin, but wanted a "sister" for the other penguin. *sigh* She liked the chocolate though.

OH... She made me some muffins with choco drops on top for my gift. Tasty.

I guess I will get the other sister tomorrow in Shinjuku.