Monday, 28 July 2008

Looking For Treasure

I hadn't been to a recycle shop since I got sick so, today I thought I'd actually try somewhere new.

I left a little bit later than I wanted to, but luckily I still had enough time to check out the Treasure Factory in Tachikawa.

It's about a 20 minute walk south along the monorail line. You hang a left at the first major intersection (There's a Koban and a petrol station), and cross the road.

With these long walks I sometimes wonder if I'm going the right way.

I came across this yellow building that I thought was it. Nope, this is Cycle Base Asahi. You should be able to find a bicycle you like here, maybe.

Keep walking and you'll see this sign. It's says it becomes an emergency road in case of a major earthquake. Why there's a fish on the sign I'm still trying to work out. We're not too close to the sea from here at all.

Finally I came to a carpark area where there's a video rental shop, Gyu Kaku and a Softbank store.

Right next to that was Treasure Factory!

It feels like there is more of a variety of goods at these places than the "OFF" stores. I didn't buy anything, but it's always interesting to have a look at the stuff that I might actually have a use for.

I'm almost coming to the end of my recycle shop visits. There is another place I plan to go to soon, but after that I might give it a break for a while, or only go infrequently to some of the better ones I liked.

I have enough junk as it is, and I have to somehow figure out the best way to get it back to Australia one day.