Sunday, 2 November 2008

Enter Space Capsule

Yesterday the gf bought me a red leather iPhone case for a present.

I said that I liked it (when I went "hunting" the other day), but I thought she knew which one(s) I really liked. I even took photos of them! Anyway, needless to say I went to Yodobashi and exchanged it for a Switcheasy Capsule Rebel.

Before I made the big switch I went into another store and tried my iPhone in the same red one she bought, just in case I was making one of my many bad life choices.

It actually looked pretty good! The deal breaker was the thickness, and the flip of leather that covers the front. Red is a great colour choice though.

The next big decision was choosing which one to go with. I narrowed it down to the "Tiger" black and yellow, or the clear see-through "Arctic" one. After much deliberation, I settled on the Arctic. The other one was definitely an ice-catcher, but I chose the white iPhone, so it should be seen not hidden, right?

If anybody has, or is thinking about getting an iPhone I highly recommend the app, Kotoba.

It's a Japanese dictionary which allows input in kana/kanji and romanji. It saved my butt today. Quickly I looked up "exchange" and "present", which got me understood immediately. Unlike the hour before when I was trying to explain to a clerk I wanted to try the red one in the box.


The guy just looked into space, I think hoping for me to just go away, which I did in frustration.

Getting home I was all anxious to try this new case!

Mostly so, because from past experience I suck at putting screen shield/protectors on phones/iPods etc, and the instructions were in Japanese. To make sure I was doing the right thing I checked out some Youtube videos on how the best way to do it.

I have to say I did a pretty good job first go. Not perfect, but it went on with only a millimetre out, and one small, persistent air bubble at the top edge that I just can't get rid of. It looks good enough. If I took it off again, I'm sure it would have ended in tears.

The case looks excellent!

While the "Tiger" was the one I was VERY close to getting, I think this is the perfect choice for everyone that has white iPhones. Pictures don't do justice to how good it looks. If you have one just get this case, you won't regret it.

I congratulated myself with the "Chocolate Pie" I bought from the 99 yen shop. From the picture they look just like Wagon Wheels back home. No, they don't really taste the same. For a start, no jam. What's up with that?

When I get back home to Australia I can't wait to scoff all the food that costs here more than it should. A Sara Lee cheesecake for over 1000 yen. Are they insane?

I'm glad I went to YaMaYa today too.

There's going to be lots of pasta nights for a while now.