Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Gachapin Walks

I thought I had this monkey off my back but no, as you can you see I got a Gachapin, but he's cool.. he walks!

After the staff could see how pathetic I was they gave me the money shot for 800 yen. It would've been 700 yen, but dammit my "crack" hand was shaking and my second to last shot was a failure.

My little friend will be coming back with me to Australia at Christmas along with my cow-suit Rilakkuma (and a sh*&tload of other junk I've accumulated at the damn UFO catchers). My bedroom is sure to be my Japanese "shrine" back home.

It's getting much colder here, but I have to give the ladies a big thumbs up for still wearing those minis. Thank you, no REALLY thank you.

The "anything, anytime" on the noticeboard was taken down, only to be replaced by another one. All I can say to that is "great". Oblivious and charming at the same time.

After an absence of station beers we are back in full swing. I hated coming back home sober. Horrible, just plain bad.

A gaijin came up to us asking what we were celebrating. Strange. Maybe him going away was worthy of celebration.

A few things on the cards..

Another wild night is planned not too far away. Stay tuned.

O- le’!