Saturday, 1 November 2008

One Year in a Tokyo Apartment

On this day one year ago I moved in with gf to her apartment in the centre of Tokyo. (By centre I mean geographically. Yotsuya is roughly positioned in the middle of the main Yamanote Line. Tokyo really doesn't have a central city area. Probably the closest to that definition would be Shinjuku, NOT around Tokyo station.)

Anyways, so yeah this is it. How do I feel? Should I have moved in with the gf? Every now and then I question my decision, but I don't feel like I have too many regrets.

By coincidence or by design, also on this day I'm going to get a taste of what it was like before hooking up with the gf. She's going away for six weeks for study leaving me left to my own devices.

It's a strange feeling.

I feel the lack of her, but I also feel a sense of relief, a time-out where I can collect my thoughts and some solitary Jimmy time. I was with her only two weeks into this "adventure", so maybe this is my opportunity to walk on my own two feet, not be lazy, and not rely on anyone for some things I should force myself to learn.

After work I went with a co-worker to the Eda Treasure Factory to kill some time. He was looking for a elevated kitchen table/shelf thing. We also went to another recycle store that I hadn't been to before, which wasn't that great anyway.

There was a very nice Aria Dreadnought acoustic guitar for only 5,000 yen. I told him he should get it. With that little bit of persuasion he got it, to discover on paying for it that it came with a case too! If I didn't have my guitars I would've snapped it up. Nice.

He got a call from someone while we were there to go out drinking, but didn't bother to ask me along. It's one of my major peeves with all these guys.

F@#king invite me too a**h**s!

Heading home I didn't really want to go straight back, so I decided to go to Tasu-Ichi for a beer or two. I really needed a passive smoking fix. More so, I really wanted to get back to going out socially, even if it was on my own. It's a celebration of sorts, so two beers down, I had enough and went home.

No fanfare, but I'm satisfied with that. I didn't need one.