Friday, 7 November 2008

Krispy Kreme In Kawasaki

Looks like Krispy Kreme are setting up shop here in Kawasaki.

I wonder how long the American dream of sugar-drenched doughnuts will last here in Japan?

In Australia there is never a line, and surprisingly there isn't even a KK in Brisbane yet. They DO still give free ones waiting in line, that they definitely don't do back home.

I guess time will tell.

It's just about been a week since the gf moved out, I mean left MOMENTARILY, for her prac work in the sticks.

I'm surprised that I don't feel as lonely as I thought I would being by myself. Maybe Tokyo isn't that scary after all.


Limo said...

Brisbane has two stores in the city.

Jimmy In Japan said...

WOW. Thanks for that! Shows just how long I've been away from Brisbane. Myer Centre AND Albert St! Do they give free donuts in line there? I guess you and I know how long it took for them to come to Brissie. Thanks for the info. OMG, someone reads my blog. WTF? Thanks for reading :)