Friday, 14 November 2008

Idle Hands And Play Dough

I can't remember the last time I made play dough. Actually I think I've NEVER made it. The last time I even touched play dough was probably around Grade 3 or something.

So like my other "firsts" in Japan, I did just that today. It turned out as bad as you could imagine. We were supposed to make fruit and vegetables, but instead it was more like sticky ice-cream, which incidentally was one of the things you could make.

One of the proud ones was happy to show me his blue strawberry. It did look pretty good. Much better than my mush of nothing.

Here in sunny Kawasaki (yes it was), I got to see how popular the new Krispy Kreme is here.

Just like everywhere else in Tokyo, it looks like the Japanese can't get enough of it. I couldn't be bothered waiting the one hour and forty minutes after work.

Just a simple pasta and popcorn for me tonight, thanks.