Sunday, 4 November 2007

Cars & Girls, But Mostly Girls.

The post everyone has been waiting for. Yes, it's the Tokyo Motor Show 2007!

If I didn't stay up until 4:30am I would have felt much better getting up at 8:30am this morning. I had so much to post yesterday, and that took a lot of time. Hopefully this won't take as long, but I did take a lot of pictures today.

And yes, I took a lot of pics of the sweet looking car model girls. Like I would just go to a motor show just to look at cars. Enjoy.

First though, at the merchandise stand I was surprised to see Motor Show cookies along with the usual t-shirts, caps and things.

I got my first picture taken with a girl in a red skirt, but gf decided to take only a torso shot of us both. I knew there was a catch to letting her take these pictures.

After that I took all the other girl pics myself. You don't send a girl to do an, um otaku's job. From what I saw I was not alone in my mission. I'm sure there were more pictures of girls than cars today.

Mmm.. the Bosch girls.

And, the Subaru Girls.

Alfa Girls.

A Honda Civic Girl.

A Corvette Girl.

Two Ford Girls. It's getting a little hot in here isn't it?

Yes, it is. Oh is that a Ford Charger Girl? I think it tis.

A Hummer girl in short shorts. nice.

Ok, just to prove that I actually looked at the cars. Here are some pics of some new cars and some concept cars. This would have to be the best motor show I have been to.

Unlike in Australian car shows, I actually saw a lot of cars that either have not been released yet, or some really interesting and desirable cars close up, that looked like they might actually go into production.

Finally, it looks like Subaru have got it right this time with the front of the Impreza. This is the new WRX STi.

The Peugeot 308RCZ looks fantastic from the front..

... and, from behind.

I needed to sit down and rest. Where better to do that, than in front of the sweet Audi R8. Standing next to the TT, it makes that car look real ordinary.

The Lexus LF-A concept car.

The Honda CR-Z : Compact, Renaissance, Zero. Whatever that is supposed to mean.The Honda Puyo girl (bouncing up and down like a japanese rabbit) was more entertaining than Puyo, the weird japanese concept car, but not as good as Asimo the Honda robot.

Nissan Round Box. That name makes a lot of sense.The Nissan GT-R. It looks better in real life than in photos.The Pivo 2. As a sequel, it should be better than the first.

The VW Eos, which I look REALLY good in.And, the VW concept, Space Up! (I don't know what this one is about either) and oh, another car girl. Sorry.

Just to end off this post, here is my lame driving in a Mini Cooper simulator. The steering was really sensitive. I really drive better than this. I swear.