Tuesday, 6 November 2007

What Does What Mean?

I still need to get used to my extended travel time.

Fujisawa is my furtherest school from Tokyo, so I have to plan accordingly to get there on time.

Even more so today because I only have about 2000 yen in my wallet where virtually all of that will go towards my train travel today.

Probably the biggest expense (after rent) living here in Japan is the cost of train travel. Pay top dollar to stand on a train for 30-40 minutes. Yes, please!

First, I wanted to go to an ATM to get some more of that yen. ATM hours are like the banks, open until 3pm, but still useable after that incurring an after hours charge.

Then, more importantly I wanted to get to Fujisawa in plenty of time to get this four litre bottle of Green Shochu. Beautiful isn't it? I got it at the Bic Camera, an electronics store!

This cost 2580 yen. Alcohol in Japan is quite a bargain. Even a normal bottle of Smirnoff Vodka is about 1000 yen (AUS $10). Damn the Aussie alcohol taxes.