Saturday, 17 November 2007

This Is Nuts

Ok, hard to believe, but we passed the five month mark of this relationship. While I can't say it's always been roses, it's been as good as I could hope for.

After work I did the usual walk around Yokohama station. To me, Yokohama is a more attractive city than Tokyo. It has it's charm. I can't work out why Tokyo appeals. Aesthetically it ain't pretty, but it has.. something. Maybe because it just IS Tokyo.

I went to the catchers again near Tokyu Hands department store. No matter how much I try, I just can't ween myself off these things.

I saw the Ghana/Crunky combo sitting tantalisingly over the edge that I HAD to have a go. Ok, I really went there to get that damn chocolate.

I bought a small Crunky slab the other day for 98 yen at the supermarket and it feels too small now that I had been spoilt by an almost endless supply of chocolate. So in two goes, that's 200 yen folks, I made that bitch mine.

After that I went to the Vivre store. First I went to the Sofmap store to play with the micro PCs I have had my eye on. I managed to get one of them connected to the Apple Section wi-fi. Apart from the text being super tiny, it works great. Everything including Youtube worked like a charm. I can see myself getting one of these babies real soon.

Next, it was on to the musical instrument store. I had a play with the Roland electric kits. I am a pretty ordinary drummer but I had a bit of fun rockin' out while the staff were looking on a short distance away. That secondhand kit is still tempting me too.

I've saw this poster on the wall at Yokohama Station. I think it's pretty funny. It says "Which is more impolite?" in Japanese. I see myself as the monkey with the headphones. You HAVE to be wired for sound to avoid going insane on these long monotonous train trips.

Finally, I made my way back to the station to get back home to Tokyo. Passing through Shibuya I couldn't help but notice this advertising. Apparently this is some teenage girl's magazine called "Nuts". Too true.

The Scritti Politti and Robert Plant CDs are pretty good. Wham! is well Wham!, so there really isn't any more to say about that band.

At home I had a very nice dinner and a yummy chocolate dedicated to the five monthivesary relationship. On the cake here are five candles. Tricky camera angle.